Design-Memory | Memory-Design

Mnemosyne: Design-Memory | Memory-Design
in conversation with Skylar Tibbits, Paula van Brummelen, Jenny Sabin


Fall 2015 | final project Harvard University Graduate School of Design
seminar States of Design: The Present and the Future of the Field in Twelve Parts
instructor Paola Antonelli
interviewees Skylar Tibbits, Paula van Brummelen, Jenny Sabin
38 pages

While trying to navigate the possible role of “memory” in the work of Skylar Tibbits, Paula van Brummelen and Jenny Sabin, interest has also been given to the processes and conditions of their design-oriented research, supporting an attempt at fathoming the infrastructural conditions that are underlying each unique approach.

How will an “awakening” of materials unravel in architecture and design? What role does the formation of an active and passive essence of memory play in the structural make-up of materials and their way or relaying aesthetic and other sensorial affect to the individual recipient? How will morphological narratives unfold, smart materials gain autonomy? What is the future role of the architect/designer?