In Between Blinks

with Anthony Morey
January 2016 | experimental poetry for fairytale competition
9 pages


In a place nor here nor there, in a time nor now nor then, a blink would last longer than a moment; a refuge from the blinding monotony of every day prosaic machination. Blinking would become the escape we all desire. A second, a moment, an infinity flashing before our eyes as we close them, awestruck. What will we find when they flutter open again?

Between observations, dreaming while walking, a chance to blend reality with the ephemerality of fantasy. Away — a blink would then last an aeon, an eternity caught in the small of time. Possibilities captured within the banality of every day routines would wake us.

See not what is ahead of you, see not what is told to you and see not what is expected! Each moment is a moment between moments. Pushed forward by a lack of imagination, what is there to dream, if all you fantasize is reality?

What is the use of blinking if not to open your eyes in wonder each time? A blink is a movement allowing you to see again, a performance of your mind.  This adventure awaits you; to not think sameness but feel difference.

There is nothing else to say. What was here before, is here now. Look up from your reality and embrace the life between blinks.