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Editor | Clemens Finkelstein
Artist | Martin Kozlowski
Text | Clemens Finkelstein and Martin Kozlowski
Production | Elias Awada
Awada Publishing | Stockholm, Sweden | March 2017


"If the appearance of dimensional location is manipulated as such, how can we be sure if what we perceive is depth or flatness? This provoked confusion of the hierarchy of layers and marks intends to question the difference between the painting’s perceptual (virtual) and actual (real) spatiality through a foreshortening of layers: are we reading abstraction too figuratively? A habit of our trained way of seeing? Of an urge to identify “things”? I want my paintings to be able to pop out from their physical space and occupy a more immaterial dimension of thoughts and affect—with both remaining in constant dialog. This attempt at formulating, of examining, and of confronting is why my work as a painter is never done. Each painting continues the previous inquiry and adds a strand to the fibrous network of perception and spatiality in translation. As such, the works are not titled but simply dated to mark the time and order in which they insert themselves into the discussion." – Martin Kozlowski