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MASKS —  dissimulation in art | architecture | design

was founded in 2015 by Clemens Finkelstein and Anthony Morey as a means to construct an active dialog between students, faculty, practitioners etc. globally, following an associative and progressive culling of work that emerges at the fringes of disciplinary discourse, its performativity, representation, and dissimulation.


MASKS is a questing spirit for everything exploring the aggregate of present, past and future disciplinary structures in and between the fields of art, architecture and design. 

MASKS believes in the performance of appearance, not the predetermined disciplinary limitations set by distinguishing art, architecture, and design. Collective creativity and knowledge production that defies or expands preconceptions are MASKS stimulants.


MASKS takes form in many guises.

—the journal exists as both text - image - sound or any other form of sensorial and intellectual input—
—contributions and collaborations are published as a journal, or take shape as exhibitions, performances, lectures etc.—
—polydimensional issues experiment with the medium of communication as much as with its contents—