Night Light Series

Clemens Finkelstein
co-founded/curated with Anthony Morey, Marielsa Castro, Jolene Lee, Andrea Carillo
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Fall 2016

  • performance event
  • exhibition


Night Light is a series of cultural events that occupy the architectural spaces of Harvard University with experimental performances. Established by fortyK and GSD Theory at Harvard University in 2016.

fortyK is a gallery space dedicated to supporting the Harvard GSD community and its emerging creators by showcasing projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries. External programming furthers curatorial dialogue and extends topics to the larger Harvard community.

GSD Theory seeks to elaborate, expand, and increase exposure of students within the Harvard GSD in line with the polyvalence of contemporary creative culture to transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary minds, exciting research, and innovative realizations. 

with contributions by

Anthony Morey (US) Clemens Finkelstein (GER) Andrea Carillo (US/MX) Hedvig Berglind (UK) Iman Fayyad (US) Markus Bowie (SE) Ivan Bernal (US) Magnus Ayers (SE) Joel Vargas (US) Youngjin Song (US) Monika Gruzite (NL)