OPEN ISSUES —  discussions on student publishing in design

founded in 2017 to provide a platform for student editors to discuss the impact of student-run publications on design education and practice.


On April 6, 2017, Open Letters, a student-run publication at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), hosted OPEN ISSUES, a day of conversation about the possibilities and consequences of student publishing in design schools. An unprecedented gathering of 51 editors representing 28 different publications met to discuss how they have conceived, produced, and sustained publications as students and as emerging professionals. 

The event began in the Frances Loeb Design Library around a display of recent issues of more than 35 student-edited publications, including projects from nine U.S. states, the U.K., Germany, Chile, Portugal, and Hong Kong. The display brought together a collection of journals, pamphlets, websites, and books, many of which are rarely distributed outside of the institutions for which they are produced.  

In addition to the collection of current student publications, Loeb Library Special Collections archivist Ines Zalduendo (MArch ‘95) introduced a selection of historic GSD student publications, including the seminal TASK journal founded in 1942 and the Harvard Architecture Review, the student-edited predecessor to the Harvard Design Magazin. 

Editors participated in a wide-ranging roundtable discussion moderated by Bryan Norwood (PhD '18) and Chelsea Spencer (MDes '14), Managing Editor of Log journal and co-founding editor of Open Letters. The conversation explored the position of student publications with respect to design disciplines, schools, and the profession. Editors grappled with issues of institutional recognition and support as well as student agency and responsibility, and asked greater questions about how design practice can use media to reach beyond established disciplinary boundaries and bring new ideas into design discourse.

Clemens Finkelstein | MDes ’17
Eli Logan | MArch II ’18
LeeAnn Suen | MArch I ’17
Davis Owen | MArch I ’17
Scott Smith | MArch I ’17
Jess Lim | MArch I ’20
Christian Gonzalez | MArch I ’17

Association | Heesun Joyce Han, Alisa Tiong
Cornell Journal of Architecture | Jose Ibarra DATUM | Liza Walling, Bethanie Jones
de FACTO | Shalmali Wagle, Jimmy Darling
DUE | Sofia Pia Belenky, Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard
Horizonte | Momoko Yasaka, Maximilian von Zepelin
ISSUE: | Brennen Birch, Joyce Hanlon
LOBBY | Regner Ramos
lunch | Laurence Holland, Luke Harris, Julie Shapiro, Dillon Wilson
MASKS| Clemens Finkelstein, Zach Crocker
Mole | Igsung So
OBL/QUE | Natalia Escobar Castrillon, Francesca Romana Forlini
One:Twelve | Ali Sandhu, Jessica Sprankle
Open Letters | Ellen Epley, Davis Owen, Christina Shivers, LeeAnn Suen

Paper M | Alexis X.A. Roberts, Ali Reza Shahbazin
Paprika! | Zach Michielli
Perspecta: the Yale Architectural Journal | AJ Artemel, Russell LeStourgeon
PLAT Journal | Melis Ugurlu, Nathan Keibler PNYX | Oskar Johanson, Adolfo Del Valle
POOL | Jesse Hammer, Jena Meeks, Aubrey Bauer
Process | Kate Cahill
Retrospecta | Jeongyoon Song, Amanda Iglesias Room One Thousand | Daniel Haidermota
Test Plots | Claire Brewer
thresholds | Zachary Angles, Eli Keller, Anne Graziano
Underscore | Deborah Garcia
Very Vary Veri | Erin Ota, Samantha Vasseur Virginia Architecture Magazine (VAM) | Karan Matta, Jennifer Tran, Brett Stanton, James Strong


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